2024 Farm League

We are proud to announce we have joined the WYFC Farm League. This is a program we hope to continue to provide to our 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th graders for years to come. It is a great way to improve your player's skill set during the off season!


What is 7v7? It is a competitive, one-hand touch football program that enables quarterbacks, receivers, running backs, defensive backs, linebackers and other skilled players to improve their technique. The game is fast paced and, exciting and challenging. Each game includes 7 skilled players on offense and defense working to score by getting into the end zone.

What is 5v5? A battle in the trenches, specifically focused on Lineman. Each game begins with 5 lineman on defense and offense. Each lineman will get 2 reps to score by getting through the defense and into the designated area within 3 seconds. This is a great opportunity to build and fine tune skills by getting reps outside of the tackle season.


Includes: game uniform and bowl costs. Parents are responsible for purchasing a softshell helmet and mouthguard separately.

If you are a returning player, you do not need to purchase another helmet.

5/6 - 7v7 is Waitlisted

If you would like to be added to the waitlist please contact wrjfcvicepresident@gmail.com